Here’s where you can find everything you need for the UWA Extension class Grammar Therapy.


Slides for this class will be available here on the weekend before each session. If you want to, you can download these slides, print them, and bring them to class to take notes on. Alternatively, you can download them and bring them on a device of your choice.

Try not to read them before class, though. There are spoilers.

Session 1: Grammar: What and Why?

Session 2: Getting gritty with grammar

Session 3: Phrases and clauses

Coming Tuesday!


Language Log Current issues in linguistics
Grammar Girl Style questions answered


Talk the Talk Daniel’s weekly radio show / podcast
Because Language Daniel’s new solo podcast
Lingthusiasm Linguists Gretchen McCollogh and Lauren Gawne talk about linguistic issues 
The Endless Knot The stories of words
Lexicon Valley with John McWhorter

Corpus Tools

Google N-Gram Viewer Find out how people really use language in millions of books
Word and Search the Brown Corpus for information about words and phrases
Youglish How is a word pronounced? Find out from YouTube videos
Enron Email What do people say in emails? Search thousands of them.
(But I’ve found it’s easier to search via Google, using a query like this one.)


Linguist List: Ask a Linguist Solid answers to common questions
Online Etymological Dictionary Find the stories behind the words
Linguistics lectures from MIT They’re free.